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What is Home Automation?

Home automation is to use the technology to control and automate various Buildings or Home tasks and Actions or functions. Home Automation systems are designed to make homes more efficient, safer and more convenient. These are usually controlled through a central controllers or mobile devices, allowing homeowners to monitor and control various aspects of their homes from anywhere in the world. The Home Automation System is also used for scheduled or time based controls of the building or home of Offices.


What are the different type of home automation system?

Mainly there are two type of automation system based on the communication media.

  1. Wired Home Automation system
    • KNX
    • Lutron
    • Crestron
    • CBUS ( CLIPSAL/ Schneider)
    • Control4
    • SCS (Legrand )
    • Ventage
    • Helvar
    • Philips Dynalite
    • MBUS
  2. Wireless Home Automation System
    • Zigbee ( Control4, Schneider, Legrand, Etc)
    • Zwave (Hogar, Fibaro, Etc)
    • WiFi (Schneider, Legrand, Panasonic,)
    • RF (Rako, etc..)

What are the Components or Devices can be controlled through Home Automation System?

A Home Automation System is consist of many ELV systems which a home can have. This System is very much useful for home control and monitoring purpose. A home automation system can control below list of facilities or devices.

  • Lighting Control
  • HVAC Control
  • Curtain / Blinds /Shades Control
  • Smart Locks (Access Control)
  • Security System OR intrusion Alarm System (Door Contact Sensor, Vibration Sensor, Motion Sensor)
  • Audio / Music Control
  • AV System Control (Smart TV . Home Theater )
  • Appliances (Smart /IoT Control)
  • Energy Monitoring (Power Metering)
  • Utility Control (Pump, Geyser, Fountain, Swimming Pool)
  • Utility Monitoring (Weather, Water Tank)
  • Other Sensors Integration (Temperature, Humidity, CO2, Air Quality, Water Leak )

Lighting Control

One of the most common features of home automation is Lighting Control . This technology allows users to control the intensity and color of their lights, create lighting schedules, and even set up motion-activated lighting. Smart lighting not only enhances convenience but also contributes to energy savings.

Lighting automation control involves using technology to manage and control the lighting in a space, typically for energy efficiency, convenience, and customization. There are various methods and technologies available for lighting automation control, and these can be applied in homes, commercial buildings, and industrial facilities. Here are some of the key aspects of lighting automation control:

There are many types of lighting control available in market today, as listed below.

  • DALI Dimming control
  • Analog (0-10V) dimming
  • Phase Cut Dimming
  • On/Off Light Control
  • DMX RGB Light Control
  • DSI Light Control (Now a days this technology is not used)

HVAC Control

HVAC ( Heating Ventilation And Air-Conditioning) is mainly comes in two different type of system, Split AC and VRV / VRF ductable AC.

All major split AC can be controlled over IR control commands. This commands are basically learned from the own Remote control of the AC. The Home Automation System have IR ports on the controller which can be connected with IR emitter probes which can send the IR control commands.

VRV/VRF HVAC system cab=n be controlled through the AC control devices like COOL MASTER ( Brand: Cool Automation). Coolmaster is directly connects to the AC communication line. Coolmaster converts AC communication protocol (BACnet/ Modbus/ Other) to LAN network and RS232.

The home automation system then connects to the coolmaster, which acts like a GATEWAY to the AC.

All Major wired Home Automation System like KNX, CRESTRON, LUTRON, CONTROL4, RTI, ELAN, SAVANT,etc.

Curtain/Blinds/Shades Control:

Home Automation System can control the different type of curtain motors.

Mainly AC or DC type of Motors available in market to control over Automation System.

Arabian Curtains or Roman type of blinds can be directly controlled over AC power control though Automation .

Nowadays these motors also can work with ONE TOUCH operation and with Automation simultaneously.

You can control the curtain or shades as per the day time and event with the Home automation system to control.

Smart Locks (Access Control)

Locks are required in every home & building for security. But users also required to control locks locally or remotely.

There are are two types of smart door lock systems available

  1. Wired Access Control System – Ekey, XPR, etc..
  2. Wireless Digital Door Locks – Yale, August, Kwikset, etc..

There are many Digital Locks available in market brands like YALE, Kwikset. These Digital Door Locks are powered by battery. User can also connect this lock with wireless remote control over Zigbee or Zwave protocol.

Digital Door Locks can be configured to access through PIN , Fingerprint, Face or Proximity Cards. The combination of access method can be possible for greater security.

Smart Home Owner can integrate the Smart Lock to the Automation Systems like CONTROL4, CRESTRON, RTI, SAVANT, ELAN, etc.

Benefit of integrating smart locks to Home Automation System is , You can control the access to the user. You can also store History of door access. Remote access of door lock is the main features of the integration.

Smart home owner can also get advance integration like user based scenario control of lights/AC/curtain/Audio possible.

Security System OR intrusion Alarm System

Every house will required basic security for the safety. These Security systems works independently with own control panel. Security or Intrusion Alarm Systems are very useful for the Home Owners who stays outside the city area or whose house compound wall is exposed to open areas or farms.

These security or Intrusion Alarm Systems consist of sensors as below. Which are selected based on the requirement of the client.

  • PIR Motion sensor
  • Magnetic Contact Sensor (For Door & Windows)
  • Vibration Sensor (For Glass Break detection)
  • Smoke Sensor
  • Water Leak Sensor
  • CO (Carbon Monoxide) Sensor
  • Gas Leak Detectors

These security or Intrusion Alarm systems available in market of brands like TEXECOM, HOMEYWELL, AJAX, DSC, VISIONIC, etc..

Home Automation System can integrate these Intrusion or Security System. User can get Alarms and Notifications on the Smartphone anywhere.

Nowadays these security sensors can also be integrated on WIRED AUTOMATION SYSTEM like KNX, Control4, CRESTRON, etc..

Audio / Music Control

Music is what we love to hear in every moment of our life. Today many of music sources are cloud based like SPOTIFY, AMAZON MUSIC, TIDEL, TUNEIN, RHAPSODY, LAST FM, APPLE MUSIC (iTUNES), YOUTUBE MUSIC.

So, what type of speakers we required to play from cloud sources ?

Home owners need to purchase speakers which can be played over AIRPLAY OR CHROMCAST or cloud service like SPOTIFY , etc. These speakers types are different as per the requirement. Ceiling Speakers , Wall Speakers, Dock Speakers, Garden Speakers, etc.

Many Passive Speakers are required to power through Amplifiers, these Amplifiers are also able play with Airplay or Chromcast and other cloud services. Active speakers are having inbuilt amplifiers and need not addition amplifier to play music.

These speakers or Amplifiers can be integrated with Home Automation System. Speakers integrated in Home Automation System can be controlled as per schedules or event based. For example you can play your favorite music playlist at particular time automatically. You can also set everyday different playlist automatically played over these speakers.

AV System Control (Smart TV . Home Theater )

All leading Home Automation System have advance level of controls. Home Theater having AVR ( AV Receivers), Projectors, Television, Motorized Screens, DTH Set top Box, Apple TV, Roku , PlayStation, Other sources. These all devices can be easily controlled by Home Automation Controller. Home Theater Systems can be controlled by different control methods like IP Control, RS232 Control, IR Control.

With the help of Home Automation System you can control your all home theater system and other sources from single platform over any smartphone , Automation Remote control and other smart devices.

With the help of the Home theater integration with Home Automation Controller you can program scene to control your AV and Lights simultaneously. You can assign “MOVIE” mode to turn off lights while playing movies. Also you can turn on/off light while Play/Pause the movie.

Appliances (Smart /IoT Control)

IoT (Internet Of Things) is widely spreading all over the world , All Home Appliances are nowadays cloud controllable. All Appliances like Refrigerator, Washing Machines, AC, TV, Geyser, Fans, Microwave Oven, Dishwasher, Chimneys, Air Purifiers are now IoT enabled. While traditional Home automation System are able to connect these Appliances , which can make these devices to work with same platform on Home Automation System like Lights, Curtain.

Energy Monitoring (Power Metering)

Energy consumption and environmental impact are of increasing concern, home automation energy monitoring systems have emerged as powerful tools for homeowners seeking to optimize their energy usage. Home automation energy monitoring involves the use of smart devices and systems to track, analyze, and manage the energy consumption of various appliances and systems within a household. By providing detailed information about energy usage, homeowners gain a deeper understanding of their consumption patterns, allowing for informed adjustments to enhance efficiency.

Utility And Other Sensors Integration

These innovative technologies allow homeowners to monitor, manage, and control various aspects of their living spaces for enhanced comfort, efficiency,

Temperature and Humidity sensors help regulate the climate within a home by monitoring temperature and humidity levels. They are integral to smart thermostats and climate control systems, ensuring optimal comfort and energy efficiency.

Smoke and Gas Sensors detect smoke or dangerous gases, triggering alarms and notifications to alert homeowners. Integration with home automation systems can include automated responses, such as shutting down HVAC systems to prevent the spread of smoke.

Water Leak Sensors Placed near water sources like sinks, toilets, or washing machines, these sensors detect leaks and send immediate alerts. Quick response can prevent costly water damage and mold growth.

Home automation systems are reshaping our lives and offer many benefits from convenience to energy efficiency and security. As technology continues to advance, the possibilities for smart homes are expanding, promising a future where homes are more connected, more responsive, and more responsive to the needs and preferences of their residents. Whether you’re looking to expand your current living space or plan your future home, home automation systems will remain on trend.

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